Current Initiative

In recent years, there has been public and academic pressure to restore the water quality and marine ecosystems of New York waterways and embayments. The regeneration of oyster reefs and shellfish shoals allows for this while also providing the added benefits of algal bloom prevention, storm surge mitigation, carbon sequestration, and food sourcing for marine life and humans.

Our current shellfish restoration initiative will utilize our innovative technology to restore shellfish populations in Long Island Coastal Waters and to enhance natural habitats.

Project SERV will also provide public outreach in the form of a general marine education program. Education concerning shellfish restoration is important to both school children and adults. Project SERV is one of many initiatives that will help people make informed decisions and teach people how to breed and grow shellfish to help restore coastal waters and provide a valuable marketable product.  We all can help our future as caretakers of our farmland and fisheries.